"Everything is meaningful if we are open to it" - Elizabeth Erickson


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Recognising When You're Stuck
It’s important to recognise when we are stuck because the energy of the new millennium and especially post 2012 is relentlessly pushing us to evolve faster and faster. So much so, that standing still is really going backwards. ........ read more

Fear's Insidious Control
If you think that your life isn't ruled by fear then think again......... read more

Creativity - a way into and out of yourself
The desire to create is in all of us and self-expression is fundamental to who we are........ read more

A Personal Experience - Being Shown Reality
Personal experience moves us forward so much more than being told or reading something. It becomes a sense of knowing that can never be taken way. Here’s one I had......... read more

VIDEO - Russell Brand is Awake
These are clips from many of the recent interviews with Russell Brand showing how he has awakened to a lot of the truths of the world. His passion is clear for all to see. .. .......watch video.

VIDEO - Jim Carrey's Secret of Life - Inspiring message
As the title suggests, an inspiring message and adds to my article about fear and how it can direct our lives if we don’t recognise our true self. . .......watch video.



The Secret of You Articles

Welcome. I hope you enjoy reading the articles listed below. I have kept them reasonably short and there are printer friendly versions of each of them too.

Those that are on a quest for greater understanding of both themselves and the world we live in will appreciate that what resonates with us changes as we evolve and absorb deeper understandings. What I write has changed over time and while I did think about revisiting and editing older articles to reflect where I am now, I have decided to let them stand because they will still resonate with people from their standpoint.

I would suggest reading "Overview" and "Signposts for the Journey" as starting points followed by "The First Step - A Case of MIstaken Identity " but the articles can be read in any order so feel free to choose what you are drawn to by clicking on a title.
If you use any of this work please reference this site and give credit to the sources that I have drawn upon and declared where applicable. Thank you.

Article list
Overview It's OK to Love Yourself
What is the Secret and Why Now? Living with the Fog of Life
The Secret Begins.......again It's Down to Us
The First Step - a Case of Mistaken Identity Why Most Self-help Books Are Put Down Half-way Through (tongue in cheek)
The Mind - Friend or Foe? The Coming Age of the Heart
Resistance is Futile The World - how do you see it?
Boarding the Freedom Train Signposts for the Journey
Crisis or Clearout? Happiness Starts with Stopping
Beginning to Turn Things Around Swimming in the Shallow End
Christmas - The Minefield of Giving and Receiving or should that be Mindfield? Self-absorbed vs Self-aware vs Selfish
Bill of Rights Ways of Starting Self-appreciation
Silence & Stillness You CAN meditate
Why IS meditation made out to be so important?

Daisy the Cat and being Scared Out of Our Power

Shopping at Future-Mart – Part 1

The Man Who Carried a Canoe

Revolution through evolution Reconnecting to self
My life is a struggle so I must be a spiritual novice What is a successful life?
A Heart Garden Is the World Falling Apart or Right on Track?
Our Shadow - part 1 I Am
Letting go Just how unique are you?
My Journey to Here Asking for help from a higher power
A Personal Experience Layers of Illusion part 1
Creativity - a way into and out of yourself Fear's insidious control
Recognising when you're stuck  
To come
The battle for love begins Seeing the world as energy
Getting used to "not me" The tuning forks that we are
Unforeseen consequences Emptying the hoover bag!
The road back to authenticity The balance of energy and the energy of balance
The uniqueness of your homecoming The shifting sands of "truth"
The only road block is you The effects of past lives on this life
Getting over the "imagination" speed bump  Why healing is only part of the  answer
Mind tricks  
..............and many more  


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