Your treasure house is within; it contains all you'll ever need” - Hui-Hai


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Recognising When You're Stuck
It’s important to recognise when we are stuck because the energy of the new millennium and especially post 2012 is relentlessly pushing us to evolve faster and faster. So much so, that standing still is really going backwards. ........ read more

Fear's Insidious Control
If you think that your life isn't ruled by fear then think again......... read more

Creativity - a way into and out of yourself
The desire to create is in all of us and self-expression is fundamental to who we are........ read more

A Personal Experience - Being Shown Reality
Personal experience moves us forward so much more than being told or reading something. It becomes a sense of knowing that can never be taken way. Here’s one I had......... read more

VIDEO - Russell Brand is Awake
These are clips from many of the recent interviews with Russell Brand showing how he has awakened to a lot of the truths of the world. His passion is clear for all to see. .. video.

VIDEO - Jim Carrey's Secret of Life - Inspiring message
As the title suggests, an inspiring message and adds to my article about fear and how it can direct our lives if we don’t recognise our true self. . video.



About This Site

It is primarily aimed at those who are looking for something more in their lives and opening up to a greater reality. Over time, I hope to turn this site into a resource of techniques, philosophies and exercises designed to help overcome typical blocks to spiritual growth. I aim to share what I have discovered so far on my journey, not in a proscriptive way because we all must find what works for us, but in the spirit of sharing and wanting to help others.

While the articles on this site have been written by me, I do not claim this information to be innovative and, like everyone on this path, I walk in the footsteps of those that have gone before me and draw upon their wisdom. However, everyone has something to offer because our journey home is unique to each of us. I hope that what I have written is easy to understand, devoid of heavy jargon and something you can all relate to in some way.

The intention is to record my own videos in the coming months as well as offering a selection from others that I find inspiring or informative or that challenge the current world view that is keeping people unaware of their spirituality. In age of immediacy and quick-fire short duration messages, I encourage anyone who watches these videos to view the longer ones as well because they are well worth it. Besides, getting away from mainstream TV for a while will do nobody any harm.

I offer this site as my contribution to helping those, including me, who are awakening to embrace their secret and live the truth of who they really are. Enjoy.

About Me

My name is Phil Grant and I am a therapist/healer. I have used various techniques to help others over the years but have always been drawn to the spiritual aspects of healing and why we have difficulties to overcome in our lives. More information about me and my healing work can be found at

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