The Secret of You - What is the secret and why now?

Well, it’s that you are so much more than a meat sack that has to go shopping, hold down a job and pay bills. You are an immortal being capable of acts of limitless love and compassion and able to live in peace with yourself and others no matter what life throws at you…..that has to go shopping, hold down a job and pay bills. The secret is that you carry the most amazing energy inside you and, chances are, you are not consciously aware it or have only seen glimpses of it in your life. You can call this your soul, higher-self, God or Trevor the sparkly one – labels are irrelevant.  Whatever you call it, you can tap into it and use it as your guide for life and discover a more serene way of being.


You may be thinking “Oh heck it’s one of those God bothering articles” and your mouse may be hovering to (politely but very firmly) metaphorically close the door on the pamphlet-wielding man who’s just asked you if you knew that Jesus loves you (he does by the way but he’ll see the funny side of you hiding behind the sofa). Now before the police arrive and ask me to “put the pamphlet down sir and step away from the conversation”, my message to you is this:


The drive to be happy and fulfilled is there in all of us and a huge market for the self-help world to exploit. The more we have suffered and struggled, the greater that drive is. Unless our pain consumes us, it serves as a most potent rocket fuel for our spiritual journey back to who we really are. That is the beauty and purpose of our suffering.


We are privileged to live in an extraordinary time in history and be part of the most glorious project that is unfolding before us. For those that have the courage to think outside the box and tap into this new energy, great things await. For those that dare to see beyond the drudgery of the human existence that we are told is normal and see through the illusion of the so-called freedoms that we think we have in society, liberation awaits. And the most glorious part of all of this is that you have all you need to complete this fantastic journey to your own particular place of fulfilment. The downside is that no one can lead you there, or do it for you, or tell you what to do. This is a time of personal and individual unfoldment and the planet’s energy and spiritual assistance to help each of us awaken has never been more ready and suited for the task.


The journey to discover our true nature and live it while in a human body has always been the purpose of coming to this planet lifetime after lifetime. In past lives we may not have been able to express this side of ourselves because of the prevalent culture or ruthless controlling barbarism we may have lived under. Perhaps basic survival was what qualified for success in many of those lives but 2012 is a watershed moment for many of us in the development of human consciousness. No longer are the old paradigms acceptable. Systems of power and control have to shift to more equitable, inclusive and compassionate ways of being to survive. The last few years have seen so much crisis and turmoil as things that need to be changed are challenged. Old energy must be cleared away for new beginnings. It won’t happen overnight but happen it must in the coming years. Hard to believe it’s possible, I know, but the first step is to bring the shady sides of humanity into the light for reflection and evaluation and this does seem to be happening e.g. the banking crisis.


The planet has also had to undergo a clean up. Centuries of human life has created land masses that hold thought forms that must be cleared. Countries hold cultural energy, such as jingoistic prejudices and beliefs about the way things have to be. The land holds these thought forms as energy that we all tune into and are affected by unconsciously. These and other energies are grounded and cleared through natural climatic processes that we label natural disasters such as flooding.

But while the last few decades have seen accelerating preparations for this time of change it will be for nothing unless we, the people, step into this new energy and look inside ourselves and similarly cleanse and evolve.


Human life has lost love, tolerance, compassion and freedom as its primary governing strategy. The energy of 2012 is about the masses waking up and realising that each of us is so much more than the superficial banal experience that modern life is with all its incumbent stress and drudgery. It’s about waking up and saying that we are powerful and wonderful beings that cannot be controlled by the powerful elite that control governments, media and financial institutions with the limited expectations they sell us.

This planetary project for the evolution of human consciousness is for those who are ready for the next step. There will be many who are unable, unwilling or understandably too scared to wake up and will spend their energy pouring scorn and derision on those who dare to change in an attempt to keep the status-quo and validate their own position.


Those that are waking up may have no idea what to do. What “waking up” means and what one can expect to happen will be covered in a later article. There are as many different paths of evolution as there are people but each of those that begin their journey all have in common a deep sense that they are so much more than what they are led to believe they are and feel compelled to do something. Suffering and upheaval in our lives often provides the energy for a change in direction. The first step is a courageous one to take but be assured that when a teacher is needed, one always appears.


We all carry the same secret – there are no special ones in this regard. We cannot continue to play spiritual chicken where we all wait for our enemies to become enlightened before we feel it’s safe for us to do the same.


The question I ask you is this: Are you ready to wake up to your secret?