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The Coming Age of the Heart

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Like many of you I have lived countless lives. In these lives there has been suffering, lessons to be confronted, good deeds done and acts of violence too (probably in the name of God). In these experiences there has been much struggle. I’ve been both rich and poor (preferred rich!) and lived as a man of God on numerous occasions and been persecuted for it. Each culture has taught me its values with mixed results. Many times I have sought the Truth from the world and found it to be different each time. Of course, I was looking in the wrong place because my answers were in me all along. In this vein much of mankind has moved “forward” for thousands of years seeking material ways to feel fulfilled.

Over the past millennia we have lived in the “Age of One” and the focus has been on the individual and what we can do for ourselves. In principle, this was a wonderful idea but instead of fostering personal growth it has often been at the expense of it and, for many, life has become a runaway train of materialism with shallow yardsticks to measure our “progress”. The so called New Age has been around for a while but until now it has been mostly about awakening and preparation for what is to come. What is coming is the time of self-actualisation (becoming who we really are i.e. source energy in physical form) and the appreciation that we are all connected and one. My feeling is that the way to connect to who we really are begins not with intellectual reasoning, understanding or scientific theory but with the heart and so I prefer to think of the coming age as the Age of the Heart. We cannot be true to ourselves until the heart is heard.

As the energy of change continues to build and affect us it feels like there is anger, hostility and discord everywhere. Much of it is misdirected and aimed at whatever is available (rebels without a cause as it were). Some of it is aimed at the establishment and those who seem to have more than their fair share. While it feels instinctively noble and justified to rise up against unfairness and symbols of power, it runs the risk of creating more of the same because dwelling on what is unfair creates a focus on our own lack. Because of the Law of Attraction, dwelling on thoughts of injustice and lack creates more of the same in our lives, often in a whole new way. We need to find ways to create peace inside ourselves and let others be free to do the same in their way even if it seems like they have more than us.

So much energy is being pumped into our planet to help us get back to who we really are that it is causing unrest within us and few are unaffected. Those that are consciously aware of what is happening are best placed to navigate through this time successfully. The source energy in each of us hears the clarion call but, because we have strayed so far way from who we really are, the human part of many of us isn’t consciously hearing it. However, unconsciously, the message is being heard by all. The resistance to listening is what causes negativity.

Many rail against New Ageism and see this movement as religion by another name. They feel they are being told what to do and how and what to think and don’t like it. Those who are trapped in the old ways of thinking and cannot, or will not, align with who they really are will find a growing discord within them.  They could change and redirect their energy in new ways so as to match the new vibration of the planet and come into alignment with themselves. However, they may find that anger and resistance will rise up and they will aim it at anything that threatens their personal status-quo, especially the “hippies and their New-Age religion”.

Before a chess game can be started the pieces have to be placed in their appropriate starting positions. The message of the last 2 years especially has felt like “Places everyone, it’s time to be where you should be, get on with it”. It is no coincidence that many are awakening now. Like a grumpy teenager who wants to sleep in until 3pm we are being kicked out of our slumber by those that love us and want us to get on with what we came here to do.

Upheaval and change is the theme of this time at every level including the Earth itself. Many of us are breaking free, listening to our hearts and following our passions or feel the desire to do so very strongly. Self-fulfilment will become a higher priority but in ways that encourage service to others as well as ourselves. This time of employment uncertainty and upheaval will create many more opportunities to do this as resistance to change will be taken from our hands as change is forced upon us. The incidence of anxiety and panic has risen as old structures and beliefs are trying to be swept away. It is human nature to need to be taken to crisis point before we look at what needs to change.

Healers are not exempt and I know many have had a particularly bumpy ride of late especially with physical issues as old blocks and patterns have come up to be dealt with. Those who are already well down this path face their challenges too as there is still much to unfold. Many have incarnated especially for this time of change to help and to celebrate. So let’s get on our party frocks and get ready to party!


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