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The World.
How do you see it?

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What is the very first thought that comes to you when you complete the following sentence “The world is…….”?

Is it “the world is a dangerous place” or “the world is full of horrible people” or is it more along the lines of “the world is a safe place” or “full of loving, kind and generous people”? Maybe it’s somewhere in the middle. How did you come to that conclusion? I asked for your immediate non-considered opinion; your instinctive response. That is the one that is probably most active in your energy as it’s working unconsciously, under the surface.

I would bet my life that, overall, those that live in the “the world is dangerous” camp are on the whole unhealthier, more stressed, unhappier and less fulfilled than those who feel safe in the world. That would be an obvious statement to make for those living in war zones or natural disaster torn areas of the world but it is equally true for us in this country.

Most people expect to form their opinions on personal experience but other sources of information come in under the radar and get to work insidiously on us. Think about the general tone of what we are given each time we watch the news that has been chosen for us on television. There may be a “lighter moment” at the end about a singing hamster or an amusingly shaped potato to provide a pathetic attempt at balance but are we really given a balanced view of how the world is? It was bad enough with 30 minutes a day but now with continuous 24 hours news coverage the message is more distorted than ever.

Imagine how you would see the world if you were told everyday just how many acts of kindness are being carried out and just how truly generous humans are changing the world behind the scenes every day. This information is out there and sites like or help to spread it around. However, the truth is that the news is a commercially competitive business and that is part of the problem. It’s a game based on “look at me, not them” and “my news is bigger and scarier so you must listen to what I’m saying”. News is about money and selling and we need to bear that in mind. The truth and balance can be an inconvenience especially in newspapers. There is no interest in true balance because good news may make us go all gooey for a moment but it isn’t a long-term commercially viable business model.

Survival is our prime motivator. Anything that can be made to appear to potentially affect our safety will make us want to know about an armed man in America who has shot 3 people and quickly forget about someone who sold his possessions and helped educate 1000 children in Africa. Pander to fear and danger and the punters will be drawn in.

The fact is that if you are looking out for something you will see more and more evidence of it happening. If you choose prejudice you will see more and more reasons to justify it. If you feel the world to be generally safe and full of kind and generous people you will see acts of kindness everywhere. The more you look, the more you will find.

Those that sit in the “world is a bad place” camp feel that that those who aren’t with them are “blind” to the danger, deluding themselves and putting their heads in the sand. The need to worry is born in people in order to feel safe but actually creates more worry.

Like begets like. We will see evidence of what we believe everywhere and because we believe it, we will create more of it in our life. If something relatively innocuous happened when we were 5yo that made us believe that the world is full of bad people then we immediately set ourselves up to attract the kind of experiences that prove our belief to be true. And then as adults we’ll shout “But the world IS full of bad people!!! Crap keeps happening to me”

All this, of course, is the Law of Attraction working once again and there seems to be some evidence emerging that the brain is actually wired to work in accordance with this law. Our brains are wired to draw our attention to what we expect to see. It tunes our experience to give us what we expect or want to see but we can change it. I would advocate using EFT (of course) to clear any negative beliefs but you can start to turn the juggernaut of negative expectation around by simply deciding to look for the positives in your life.

Start with a “count your blessings list” and write down all the things you are grateful for in your life. Read it each day. Start looking for positive things and limit your exposure to the news on TV and suchlike. At first it may seem like the bad is overwhelming the good but in time and with persistence your brain chemistry starts to change and you start to see more and more of the good things that were always there. It’s the same world as before but with a different filter. “But what about the bad stuff?” I hear you cry.

When you stand on a hillside looking out over the landscape before you do you see the majesty of the rolling hills, the babbling stream in the valley, the trees and the big picture before you or do you choose the see the rabbit turds, cow pats and the bird crap?

It’s up to you. The more we tune in to the good stuff, the more good stuff we will be creating in our experience and the world. Don’t wait for others to sort the world out, get on with changing your important piece of it. It starts with us.


© Phil Grant unless otherwise attributed