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Swimming in the Shallow End

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Imagine an obese person talking on the radio and saying how hard it is to avoid sugary fatty foods. They might well complain that society is constantly placing temptation in front of them making it impossible to refuse what they know is unhealthy for them. I can hear a large part of the population shouting at their radio telling that person to “not eat the stuff dammit. It’s simple, just don’t do it. How hard is that? Wake up! If you want to help yourself, get off your backside and change. Get in the real world!!” One hears it on phone-ins all the time. Often this judgement will be delivered with anger and contempt at the lack of will-power that people seem to have these days and reflect on how it was different in the “good old days”. Not only that, the person giving this sermon will delivering what seems to them be an astoundingly obvious truth that only the blind and wilfully asleep cannot see.

For those that want to be happier, have more clarity, feel better emotionally and break free of a mundane, uncreative, soulless western 21st century lifestyle, there is much to be done. Spiritual awakening implies that we have been asleep and need to wake up in order to realise a greater truth about ourselves and, equally importantly, the world we live in. In the context of spirituality, being asleep doesn’t just imply not being awake but actually means dreaming i.e. living in a false reality. It may look and feel real and lack the talking ducks that tell us that it is a dream but, nevertheless, a dream it still is.

“The real world” that angry callers to phone-in shows love to refer to is an illusion, a deception. It is an imaginary assumption of reality based upon the parameters we have been told from day one are real, and so real it must be. Not only are we asleep and dreaming a life in a world that is not as it appears but we think that this is all there is. A wonderful job of programming and deception has been done on us all. The world is simply not the way we think it is.

Governments have always created problems in order to ensure that the public demands that something should be done and so they can install laws they want to see imposed on us. Just a cursory scan across declassified documents shows us that governments are prepared to manipulate the truth in order to start a war. It has gone on for centuries and it is still doing so. This is done not just by large scale false-flag operations against its own people but in more mundane ways too.

Fermenting discord justifies ever more draconian legislation and the erosion of freedoms all done because of an alleged danger and the public demand to feel safe. We are sold an agenda of bad things in order to create an atmosphere and expectation that engender fear and the need to be safe. The War on Terror is a case in point where an enemy was created in order to facilitate a global agenda of increasing control and reduction of freedoms. The media then constantly report all of this and tell us that bad things are happening all over the world every day, hypnotising us into fear-based ways of thinking. The trance is topped up every day and is so pervasive that we miss the subtle effects over time.

We are also kept spiritually asleep by being told we must live in a world of ever-increasing growth and consumerism. We are encouraged to believe that we must continuously buy the latest shiny things that we don’t need and that by doing so we will feel good, alive, refreshed, more powerful or more attractive etc, etc. The implicit message in the advertising is that we are bad, dead, un-refreshed or powerless unless we buy the products being put before us. Our lives are bombarded by banal, vacuous media output that renders us stupid, superficial and vapid, yet again hypnotising us into shallowness - and perfect for spiritual suppression.

The way we get fed all this toxic soul poison is through the mainstream media where TV is the needle that injects into our brain. What we are told is the “News” is nothing of the sort and bears little or no resemblance to what we experience in our daily lives and, if we were honest with ourselves, most of the information given to us doesn’t resonate with our core selves. If it isn’t resonating with us it must be jarring and creating dissonance. But we are so used to it that we no longer sense it as being wrong for us. In generations past, people used to think that if a doctor said something it was the word of God and must be true. Nowadays TV is God and if it’s on the news it must be true.

You don’t have to research the studies of the effect of television on children to see how it shapes minds. Look at a school playground and all the acting out of what they have seen on TV. Look at the cynical way their minds are manipulated in the lead up to Christmas by the shiny thing industry. Look at how their language is being moulded into a mono-culture of American slang. The addiction starts early and persists in adulthood. The material changes and becomes more mature (allegedly) but we still plug ourselves in for our fix. The quality of the programmes pumped out on television has degraded hugely over time and appeals to the lowest common denominator that seems to be getting lower by the decade. All this is being pumped into us but what’s the harm eh? We know it’s not real, it’s just a bit of fun isn’t it? We can stop at any time can’t we?

Think about not watching TV for 1 day – “no problem, I’ve got lots I can do”.
What about 2 or 3 days? – “Yeah, I think I can do that. I’ll have to think about what I’m going to do instead but definitely achievable”.
OK, now what about a fortnight – “Woah! Hang on there. I’ll have to watch the news so I know what’s going on and I don’t want to miss my soaps”.

This response could very well come from the very same people that shout at fat people to stop eating that I referred to earlier. They are just as addicted but are blind to the dangers of their own drug of choice.

I’m not proposing that you have to stop watching TV but I am saying that the illusion that we are told is real is being pumped into us every day. Drip, drip, drip. An addict over time ceases to get the high from their substance of choice unless the dose increases. They become immune to it and unaware of the impact of the same dose every day. Nevertheless, just because they cannot feel the effects doesn’t mean they are not addicted and being kept in a suspended animation, neither alive nor dead. TV has the same effect, and we are used the dose. We don’t feel the impact of constant negative images bombarding us every day. We desensitise to it. We become unaware of the total lack of balance in what we are told and blind to the agenda behind it all – to keep us asleep and hooked on the dream. As George Carlin said “They call it the American dream because you’ve got to be asleep to believe it”. But it’s not just in the US, it’s the same everywhere. The ratio of bad news to good is disproportionally high. Is that really a balanced representation of the world as it is? Of course not.

The next strand of the erosion comes in the shape of our health. The modern food industry is sugar crazy and sugar in one form or another is in absolutely everything. They say it’s down to the demand of the modern population but that’s like a drug pusher saying that he only sells drugs because there is a market for what he is selling. We have an epidemic of diabetes and obesity creating a health-bomb that will detonate shortly. I used to be a big fan of coca-cola, doughnuts, sweets, chocolate and so on. I loved desserts and snacks. When I cut out most of the sugar from my diet I was appalled at how much hidden sugar there was in our food and it comes under a huge list of alternative names.

Admittedly, some of these foods had only small quantities of sugar in them but the effect across my whole diet was that I was getting sugar from pretty much every single thing that came from a jar, packet or box. I had to come off sugar gradually because I got the most massive withdrawal symptoms when I cut it out suddenly, a very unpleasant experience indeed. What was staggering was the improvement in mental function once I adjusted to less sugar. This was measurable because I love puzzle games (the engineer in me still loves to solve things). I found that I could now solve the harder puzzles I couldn’t do before. I had greater mental clarity. I was amazed.

The point is this; it is hard to develop spiritually if we buy into the form of modern life we are perpetually sold. We must look at the information that is fed to us everyday and not assume it’s true simply because we are told it is. We really cannot say something is good for us just because the government says it is. For example, the food industry is driving government regulation on what we eat not the other way round. Modern life is desensitising and unbalanced in so many ways and promotes a fear-based approach. It sends us the message that we are bad if we don’t buy stuff. It tells us what our priorities should be and that we should be concerned with what celebrities are doing minute by minute via Twitter. It tells us to get excited about things that don’t matter and never will. It tells us what to eat and think. Most of all it tells us to be scared and encourages intolerance.

If we are to go deeper into ourselves we must resist living in the shallow waters of life. Our awakening requires us to take back the power we give to others including governments. Voting once every 4 or 5 years and expecting others to make everything better gives away our power. We need to take responsibility for all areas of our life and recognise how much we are responsible for what happens to us.


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