Recognising When You’re Stuck.

“Until you have the courage to face the things that challenge you, then you will not evolve. Until you have the courage to face the things that limit you, then you will not evolve.” – Dave Ashworth.

Being or feeling stuck is common in spiritual awakening. It happens to us all in varying degree and frequency and is a sign that we are resisting the call of Truth coming from within us and resisting moving forward for one or more reasons. Behind it will be fear but what the fear is specifically will depend on your personal state of evolution. Sometimes we are aware of this but often we are not.

It’s important to recognise when we are stuck because the energy of the new millennium and especially post 2012 is relentlessly pushing us to evolve faster and faster. So much so, that standing still is really going backwards.
Even when we are moving forward there is usually accompanying resistance rather like riding a bicycle that has stiff and rusty wheel bearings. Yes it moves but not freely or with ease and certainly not as fast as it could go if that resistance wasn't there. It is human nature to resist looking at our fears and shortcomings; the mind and ego resist change at most opportunities varying only in degree from person to person and situation to situation. Continuing the bicycle analogy, being stuck occurs in two ways where either the wheels will not turn at all and we become paralysed with inaction or a more subtle form of being stuck is where the wheels turn OK but the handle bar is locked to the left or right causing us to go round and round in circles. In the latter we think that we are moving and evolving when we are in fact going nowhere. Self-denial is prevalent when we are stuck.
Spiritual laws of evolution teach us that we cannot make the journey on our own - it requires a teacher to help us. The higher vibration guides and uplifts the lower vibration because we may not be able to see where we are stuck. As Rumi said "Whoever enters the way without a guide will take a hundred years to travel a two day journey". Many can remain stuck in the illusion of progress all their life where they are constantly engaged with spirituality but, in reality, are unwilling to take the risks required to move forward. The acid test is the willingness to take meaningful action.

I know of what I speak as I have often been the king of being stuck and in resistance. It caused a great deal of suffering, struggle and numerous health issues and still comes up from time to time. Despite trying a great many therapies only the high vibration essences of the Emerald Heart Light were able to penetrate deeply enough to create the necessary change in me that now mean I can feel joy for simply being alive.
I never stopped in my search to change, and have always done what was necessary to move forward (eventually) even if my teachers have had to kick my backside and give me a few reality-checks on occasions. Sometimes it takes a shock to bring us out of our denial and push us into action.

If we are free to move forward then life unfolds much more easily - the heart guides us, we act on that guidance and then the universe rewards us for doing so - it really is that simple. Being in resistance or being stuck means this process is not working. Sometimes we get stuck in the paralysis of analysis. More thinking is rarely the answer and is often the problem. At other times we may create all kinds of plans that feel like we are taking action but, in reality, are not much more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Without a teacher or guide it will often take a crisis for us to even acknowledge that there is a problem. Being stuck requires us to reach out for, and accept, help.
Being stuck means being in avoidance and in self-denial at some level - you may not even be aware that you are in denial. So are you stuck? Below are just some indicators to look out for. If reading any of these causes you to become indignant or defensive then perhaps it suggests it may have hit a nerve of truth.

  1. If your life is entrenched in habit and living only in day-to-day mundane routine then you are stuck.
  2. If you avoid new things and change then you are stuck.
  3. If you cannot or will not act on what you know deep down to be right for you and your life then you are stuck.
  4. If you are unable to even feel and know what is right for you and your life then you are definitely stuck and in denial.
  5. If you cannot or will not ask for help then you are stuck.
  6. If your life isn't evolving and changing and bringing new challenges then you are stuck.
  7. If your life is too busy to find time to do what you want to do then you are stuck.
  8. If you are trying to convince others of your problems rather than dealing in solutions then you are stuck.
  9. If you are constantly reading or diving into spirituality but avoid putting what you learn into action that creates meaningful change then you are stuck.
  10. If you keep facing the same kind of situation in life then you are stuck.
  11. If you are trained in healing but didn’t pursue it then you are stuck - being called to healing was you being called to evolve and work with Light.
  12. If you are not using God-given gifts and talents then you are probably stuck.
  13. If you are intent on staying in circumstances that, deep down, you know hold you back then you are definitely stuck.
  14. If you are doing lots of therapy or therapies but stop when you get near the real issue then you are stuck and in denial.

Don't berate yourself for being stuck as this is like spinning the car wheels to get out of mud and makes things worse. It is part of what we are here to overcome. Remember that the lesson in all of this is not that we should suffer endlessly or that we should feel a failure for being in these kinds of situations but rather that we need to recognise that we are all one and that others are there help us if we find the courage to reach out and ask. It may just be the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.