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We have all watched a movie or TV drama and become emotionally involved with the plot or identified with a particular character being played. We want the wrongs set right, the baddy to get his comeuppance, the girl to get the hero, or unrequited love to be allowed to flourish. We want order to emerge from chaos.

Done well, one can feel the personal history of the characters, their motivations, the brutality that set the evil person on his trail of destruction or the heartbreak that drives the hero to save the dying child. The story is all so absorbing and gripping.

We know what we are watching isn't real but we get hooked anyway. What we are seeing is being acted out on a film set; a false stage that has been created and is perfectly suited to the script being performed. It’s completely believable.

Now imagine the camera zooms out and we see not only the set and the actors but the studio, lights, gantries and support crew. If we watch the drama from this standpoint we find that the emotional charge is reduced, the trick has been revealed and what is being said and done can be seen as not real. We can’t get into it in the same way. At some point the actors step off the set and become themselves. They leave behind the drama of the characters they have been so emotionally invested in. Perhaps the “bad guy” laughs and hugs his adopted disabled child or maybe the sensitive romantic hero breaks wind and makes a sexist comment to an assistant. The believable mirage is completely blown apart and feels almost shocking.

While we sat on the sofa and watched the movie, we identified somehow with what was happening on the screen. Before we zoomed back, a connection was made that reached inside us and, at some level, reflected our feelings or played out our own desires or internal conflicts. But now, from the new perspective, we can see the drama for what it was and how silly and unreal it feels now.

Now let the camera zoom back still further, so far in fact that on the screen we see you sat on the sofa watching that movie I have just described. This sofa is set in a room with walls, furniture and décor. This is “Real Life”. Just like the movie, there is a story or script and motivations driving your character (your past). There’s real history and it’s gripping in its own way. There are villains and good guys, romantic twists, tragedies and heartbreak, grudges and resentments and perhaps even unrequited love. But unlike the movie, this is real and lasts longer than 90 minutes. No one is coming in to save the day in the nick of time, no special effects to magically make things better. This is a gritty drama and one thing is certain, the lighting won’t be flattering! This is as real as it gets, isn't it? But is it? Is it just possible that we too are performers in an emotional fiction driven by the scripts we, at the very least, co-wrote?

What if the camera zoomed back further still, what would we see? What is on the edges of your movie set where the production of “Real Life” is taking place? Maybe what is being played out on your own film set is just as unreal as the movie I mentioned earlier. If, like the actors, you stepped off the set and became who you really are, what would it be like? Wouldn't it be such as relief to put down the script we read and act out each and every day?

However, most of us don't vacate the stage until we physically die. It's then that we discover who we are and that the majority of what we saw as important aspects of our lives and things we are attached to aren't important at all. Once the grip of human flesh has been broken, we move into alignment with our true nature. But is dying really the only way of finding that alignment and discovering the truth i.e. that we are eternal Spirits? Do we have to go to Croaksville to realise that all that kept us from discovering our true nature was fear in any number of its millions of forms?

I cannot believe that life on Earth is intended be one of denial and blindness. It might be that way at some time in our lives but isn't the point of us being here to learn what needs to be learnt in order to find our way home while still in our physical body so we can shine our light out and help others to do the same when they are ready? The energy of 2012 and beyond is about waking up and moving towards conscious awareness of the reality of who we are and living life in alignment with that truth.

Humans are a glorious contradiction. We are all work in progress and we are never done while at the same time, if we did but know it, we are already the finished item with all that we need. However, human life creates so much baggage especially when viewed over many life times. So much of it seems important but the flight to freedom allows hand luggage only and there is much to be let go of if we are to make this journey. The upheaval of 2012 is as much about letting go as it is about waking up and we wouldn't be humans if we didn't make it a painful experience!

The Secret of You is about seeing our addiction to our “real lives” and the never-ending dramas for what they are. It’s also about stepping off the film set of “real life” and discovering the greatest story of all and that is who you really are.
How do we do that? Well, we first need to understand our life in a new light and how we came to "forget" the truth in the first place and that's the subject of the next article.


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