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My Life is a Struggle so I must be a Spiritual Novice

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I know that we are all on a different path so comparing ourselves to others is meaningless but for the purposes of this article I will create three categories for humanity as follows:

  1. Those that are oblivious to a greater reality and the truth of who they really are and so live life almost entirely unconsciously and at the material level (asleep and not deep)
  2. Those who are awakened and aware of the greater reality of their lives but either cannot contact the peace, joy and abundance that comes with being who they really are or have touched the experience but can’t hold onto it in their daily lives (aware but can’t get there).
  3. Those who seemed to have “cracked it” and consciously create their reality full of light and joy etc (alive without strive). These are usually the ones that become teachers and write inspirational books for those in category 2 that follow in their footsteps.

This article and web site are aimed at the second group of people which is the group most likely to be reading this kind of material anyway. This group contains all the consumers of spirituality and self-help books and the workshop attendees; in other words, the truth-seekers.

I fully accept that a life full of hardship or struggle isn’t a requirement to get into this group; intellectual curiosity can be sufficient impetus for truth-seeking but I do believe that the pursuit of truth is largely driven by some kind of inner struggle. The gift of this struggle or suffering is the drive it creates in us to search for healing and the belief that “there must be something more than this”. As humans seem to learn through stick rather than carrot, it is by far the best way to make us look inside ourselves and enquire. Without this kick up the backside, we tend to live lives looking for the easiest route and the comfort of banality and superficiality.
Of course the reason why the second group can’t contact the tremendous positive feelings they know are there for them is because of their own blocks and resistance. In other words they have issues and struggles i.e. they’re human beings living a human life where the mind is dominant. Many of these blocks will be unconscious and will therefore, by very definition, be out of their awareness.

Some think that because their lives seem a mess to them that they cannot be very advanced spiritually, but that isn’t necessarily the case. At school we give the beginners the easy stuff and the more challenging material is given to the more experienced pupils, because they have been prepared for it over the years. So I believe it is with our spiritual lessons. We are given what we are capable of dealing with (this is usually far more than we think we are capable of dealing with). Life on Earth as a human being, while magnificent and wondrous and full of beauty, can be extremely hard with heartbreaking levels of suffering at times and terrible burdens to carry, also, when viewed from a human perspective. Letting go of that human perspective which keeps us suffering is the lesson contained in most of our struggles. Life on Earth is soul evolution for big boys and girls not kindergarten.

Some of those who have come here from the higher vibration realms can really struggle with human life. Often they have come with a view to giving service to humanity, but they don’t miss out on experiences that Earth can teach them either. The more highly evolved the soul the more complex and challenging the lessons they can accommodate and thus they face very difficult circumstances indeed.
Sometimes their own advanced state of spiritual evolution can work against them. Because of their higher vibration they will be necessarily more sensitive and this sensitivity creates struggles that those seemingly more resilient don’t endure. This is evident in their battles with being unable to say “no” and express healthy boundaries; their resulting co-dependent relationships with addicts; or  they are addicted themselves; battles with their weight, fighting depression and the desire to go “home”. Sensitive people tend to have greater problems.

Doreen Virtue’s book “Earth Angels” documents the physical, mental and emotional difficulties that incarnated angels often encounter, because of their natural sensitivity and their particularly vulnerability to toxic energy.  In these circumstances, especially in they occur in childhood, human life can feel like a living hell. They become torn between their endless compassion and what they see as compromising themselves in order to grow a sufficiently thick skin just so they can get by. Tremendous inner-conflict and life-crises can ensue from this. Their challenge is to balance the wisdom they hold within them and the emotional reality of a physical world – not easy.

Now, having any of these problems doesn’t necessarily mean one is an advanced spiritual being (the obesity epidemic isn’t due to us all being angelic beings!) but it does show that the knowledge of our spiritual maturity cannot be based on how happy or materially successful or how healthy we are in this life. It might be an indicator of how stuck we are, or out of balance we have become, but that is all.

Many people do seem to have gone on a spiritual trolley-dash before incarnating where they pile as many challenges as they can into their trolley for this lifetime. When we do this it can create many complex issues to deal with making life feel very hard indeed as times. I do sometimes wonder whether we forget how hard human-life can be sometimes when we are back home but I choose to believe that the spiritual warrior in us is stronger than the mind that cries “enough, I can’t do it anymore”.

I guess the message of this article is that just because others seem to have found something wonderful doesn’t mean that those that are not there yet are failing in any way. Indeed, if there is truth in this article then those in category 3 (above) that lead the way through inspirational lives of truth and enlightenment may well be seeking someone to guide them in lifetimes to come and that person may very well be you.


© Phil Grant unless otherwise attributed