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Letting Go

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“Let go” is a phrase one often comes across in the spiritual world. I’ve heard various people ask “Let go of what?” or say “how do I do that?” or “I can’t do it”.

If we view letting go as an action then releasing all of what needs to be let go of can seem like an overwhelming or impossible task to accomplish.

If we approach letting go in this way it becomes a series of actions such as letting go of tension in the body, letting go of a need to control, letting go of a fear of being vulnerable or of feeling responsible for others and so on; the list of what needs to be let go of can be vast for some.

Of course, if we could just simply let go of all the baggage, emotions and behaviours that impede us from being one with Source energy and our true spiritual-selves we probably would have done it on our own by now. So it suggests that our mind feels that these things we hold on to serve a purpose in some way and so there is some resistance to letting them go. Once the inherently change-phobic mind gets in the way, things can become complicated and we end up falling under its spell where we either give up or tell ourselves that we’re OK as we are.

Perhaps we should look at letting go in a different way. What if, instead of it being something we do, we view it as a state; a state of letting go. If we could go into a state of letting go we could cut through all of the complications I described above.

In a recent group meeting each of us picked a tree in my garden and sent our consciousness out to it. In other words we imagined becoming that tree. We experienced, as best as we could, being a tree. We observed how it felt to feel the wind blowing gently through our leaves; various birds coming and going or sitting a while and singing from a branch. We also got a sense of being solidly connected to the ground. We imagined a shower of rain passing overhead and then the clouds passing and the sun shining on our leaves and how that felt.

After spending a while with our tree we thanked it for allowing us to share its consciousness and then we discussed our experiences. I wrote down what each of us had to say and, while the language varied, the gist of what we felt was the same and included:

Now, isn’t the experience described above a reasonable approximation of “letting go”? Isn’t being in a state of letting go being in our I AMness; in the moment, fully present and accepting and surrendering to the circumstances we find ourselves in?

We are encouraged by society to see ourselves as separate from, and even above, so-called lower beings in the natural world but here was nature showing me how to be more like my true self than I could ever imagine possible.

As a metaphor for how to live our lives, a tree has many things to teach us including:

When you find yourself thinking that you can’t let go and don’t know how, learn from what is all around you and connect to the I AMness of something in nature. Notice how nature accepts and bends to the flow of the natural rhythms of life. Regularly spend some time expanding your consciousness out into nature and just be.



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