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Layers of Illusion. Part 1 - The Human World

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Awakening means that we are beginning to respond to the great light of truth within us. Although we may not be able to sense this directly, this truth helps us to begin to see how we and the world in general are not vibrating with same integrity as the Light within us. Everyday things we take for granted in the world may begin to sound hollow and seem rotten beneath the surface even if we can’t put a finger on what it is directly. Life starts to seem shallow and thoughts such as “life doesn’t seem right, there must be more than this” come into our awareness. This is when we can re-examine what we have taken for granted and see things in a new light. In the search of truth within us we have to peel away the layers of false beliefs and let go of false idols.

This is when we find out how serious we are about our evolution because letting go of lies and illusion is scary and difficult. There is a strong temptation to remain wrapped in denial because it feels safe.

If we are to claim our power and shine the Light we all hold inside we must take full responsibility for ourselves, stand in our fears at times and move through our limitations. We cannot spiritually evolve all the while we are so heavily connected to the mass consciousness of the human world and all the constraints that places on us.

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one” – Albert Einstein
Rather than see through an illusion it is common for people to go into denial or become angry. I have seen how irate and threatened people can be when their model of the world is cast into doubt. Fear creates anger. However, in the end, people are either aware of their greater purpose and are ready to peer through the looking glass or they are not.

In the last few decades we have begun to ease into the new age of Aquarius (the age of truth and the heart) but we are still feeling the effects of the old age of Pisces (the age of lies and power) and we will see the two energies play out against each other for some time to come. Our mission is to disconnect from the old energy.

The Illusion of Politics, Power & Money.
Have you noticed how despite all the technology and incredible wealth that there is in the world that problems don’t really seem to be solved? We are told that things are complicated when they are not. Any complications are caused by fear, ego and the desire to hold on to power and control. Even in affluent areas of the planet where nutrition has apparently never been better and money never more plentiful we find health deteriorating, spiralling debt and happiness and life satisfaction getting ever lower. The culture of the west is dominated by science and this has caused us to lose our sense of higher purpose and is behind much of our stress, illness and disease. No one has told us that there is a more important side of us that requires nurturing in order to have health and a sense of wellbeing.

However, those that come from areas of the world under brutal control aspire to live in democracies such as those in the so-called free-world and why wouldn’t they? But to assume that the free-world is in fact free is an illusion and we are, instead, manipulated more subtly. However, we don’t notice it in the same way we don’t notice the weight of gravity pulling us down because, like gravity, we are conditioned to it from birth. The control in a democracy doesn’t usually leave bruises but it is control nonetheless – a comfortable slavery if you will. To spot this is an important part of self-liberation.

For a very long time (centuries) there have been enduring organisations that operate above governments and manipulate agendas for their own ends. They have esoteric knowledge but despite knowing that the Aquarian age of change was coming they have persisted in trying to maintain the status-quo and hold on to power and the control of money.

The flow (or otherwise) of money is controlled by relatively few people in the world and not governments who often don’t even have control of their own currency and are instead, controlled by those who hold the debt of the nation.  As they always have been, wars and conflict revolve around controlling resources and putting nations in debt so they can be brought to heel. The illusion of nations invading another for democracy and freedom is laughable because it is always about power, money and control of resources. Nobody in power thought Darfur was sufficiently important despite its immense suffering while public opinion has been trampled on when a country with militarily strategic importance or oil is manipulated into difficulty and then “rescued” by an army of one sort or another often claiming a dubious moral authority to justify their actions such as the illusion that war keeps us safe.

Among the aims of those that hold real power is a deliberate policy aimed at keeping us asleep and locked into materialism. What they are afraid of most is people spiritually awakening and setting their consciousness free. If you think this is all a bit extreme and unlikely then here is a 1960’s quote from Zbigniew Brezinski who has been an advisor to at least 3 U.S. presidents (most recently Obama): “The challenge for governments in the future will be to prevent man from effectively discovering his true self, and keeping humanity locked in consumerist materialism.”

Society and family life is being systematically dismantled. We are encouraged to work harder and take on more debt. It is deemed to be economically patriotic to buy more and more stuff (much of which is designed to be obsolete almost immediately) and therefore prop up a broken financial system that relies on endless growth and more and more debt to sustain itself.

Governments fill our attention with debates about things that are made out to be important but are not, so as to distract us from important matters that are left unattended to. The most important thing as far as they are concerned is that we stay engaged and keep playing the game and therefore locked into the illusion that they control our destiny and that we need them to be safe. The one thing they fear is for us to wake up, realise they do nothing for us and take back the power we have given them.

The Media and the Fear Agenda
In an increasingly global-corporatocracy a surprisingly small number of individuals control the vast majority of the media who are themselves being directed. It is via the media that we are manipulated and kept locked into the broken system I described above through an extremely powerful illusion and an even more powerful remedy.

The mass consciousness of the people is constantly bombarded by the language of fear. I invite you to view the media output through fresh and questioning eyes and ears and see how programmes and reports now liberally use words that demonise, catastrophise, terrify and seek to separate us from our fellow man.

We are sold the message of fear through in-your-face coverage of wall to wall doom in the media as well as subliminally through imagery and clever use of language that implies danger. We are told to be fearful about nations, viruses, weapons, individuals, groups, strangers, neighbours and anyone that isn’t part of the tribe or who has alternative views. The list is never-ending with new threats being put before us all the time when we become complacent of the old ones.

The anti-dote we are offered is that, without question, we should keep giving away new powers that limit liberty to those that seek to keep us locked into this fear agenda. We are told this is necessary for us to be safe. That is an extremely powerful message to offer because it panders to a primal instinct in us, namely survival.

But have you noticed that the more we fear the more things there are to fear? The illusion is that we can feel safe by listening to fearful messages and by giving away essential liberty and power and is one that must be seen through if we are to step out of the darkness of fear. People can never open up spiritually all the while they are bombarded with the view that the world is a dangerous place. It prevents a sense of connection to others and actively promotes separation. Yes, fear is present in the world but not because of the problems but because fear IS the problem. There can never be a life without fear until fear is eradicated from within us as individuals. It all starts with us as individuals developing courage and not handing over our safety to governments. Those set on evolving spiritually must disengage from all of this if they are to move forward.

Another media-control technique is to steer the population away from alternative life styles and new-age stuff by continuous mocking and de-bunking in the media. It is very powerful stuff and because of this, for example, most people now believe that all crop circles are done by men with planks.

To realise the Self, the shackles that are placed upon us at all levels need to be identified and broken bit by bit. Once an illusion is identified we can stop absorbing its message and therefore reduce its power. Yes, we do have to live within the system but no, we don’t have to buy into all it is selling us. We can instead, take a greater personal responsibility for our lives and therefore come out of the victim mentality and the limitations that come with the fear agenda.

Some people will say that switching off the news is a form of denial. However, it is just not possible to open up spiritually and see the greater Truth all the while one is hooked into the lies and drama of the human illusion. I was surprised at how difficult I found it to switch off the TV or not listen to the news for example. The pull of years of conditioning was very strong and the fear of not knowing came up but eventually I felt the benefit of doing it.

We need to look after our personal vibration by bathing more in what feels good and escaping from the mass hypnosis. We already know there is suffering in the world and being told about it on a daily basis helps nobody at all. This may sound uncaring but all the while we are vibrating with the suffering we have nothing to offer the world by way of a solution; in fact we add to the problem. Far better to keep our vibration up and, as Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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