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Just How Unique Are You?

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There are so many factors that influence us that even with 7 billion people on the Earth (and counting) we can still be certain that each of us is unique and has something to offer that should be celebrated. Here are just some of the influences that make each of us one of a kind.

Science would have us believe that family genetics and perhaps the environment we grew up in are the only factors in play and even that depends on where one stands on the “Nature or Nurture” debate. It is true that we are a product of our parent’s genes and let us not forget that they were a product of their parent’s genes and so on. The further we go back the more different family lines are introduced into our family tree. All these genes influence (but not determine absolutely) what health issues may be expressed in us as well as our physical appearance, elements of our personality (you may have your father’s nose and your grandmother’s stubbornness for example).

The more one studies the world of energy the more one comes to the conclusion that illness and disease are an expression of energetic imbalances and this most often means negative emotions and negative beliefs held in one’s energy system. Imagine all of your ancestor’s lives and the environments they lived in and all the events that may have shaped those individual lives. If you are of certain age, it is quiet possible that your parents were raised by Victorians with their rigid attitude to life and discipline for example. Unless they were privileged life may well have been quite hard for them. The genes passed down our family line carry an imprint of the belief systems and emotions from the lives of those that preceded us. Genes can be switched on and off by the effects of living challenging lives and the accompanying beliefs and emotions, so inherited illnesses can be viewed as inherited traumas and systems of thought. When you take this into account, your genetic make-up becomes a lot more individual than it first seems.

Now add the evolutionary state of your soul. Are you an old soul, a relatively new one or somewhere in between? Have you been through the mill and done the groundwork lifetime after lifetime or are you just beginning? The past lives you have lived either on Earth or elsewhere will greatly contribute to what you can handle in this particular life. Think about how just a few events in one life can shape you and then imagine living life after life – each one shaping and changing you as each decision you made sent you down different avenues.

Consider the issues you came here to work on in this life. The timing of your birth will have been chosen to give you the right circumstances that allow you to work through the specifics of what you came here to do. This may involve other souls with whom you have unfinished history which lead us on to karmic issues.

Karmic energy is going to be unique to you. You may be imprinted with the energy patterns that allow you to work through karmic issues and unfinished business with certain other souls from one or more of your previous life times. Perhaps it is a direct continuation of a previous life or maybe you are swapping roles in order to interact with another soul in a new way this time in order to get a balanced picture of a situation (being the parent instead of the child this time round for example).

Numerology-based systems and astrology all indicate that when and where we were born carries an energy imprint that influences our personality and the issues we will face in our life and so shapes our life path and contributes to the environment we will live in.
The environment we were raised in this life time helped to shape our personality and outlook on life and affects how easy we find life to be and as I said before we choose the circumstances we are raised in so that we can get what we need to create the work we have taken on in this life. However, we have free-will and that means the potential for unique outcomes in any given circumstance for each individual. One person may be profoundly wounded as a child and go on to find difficulty in certain areas of life while another may not be affected by similar circumstances in the same way and, as a result, have different or fewer struggles

All the above factors will have a bearing on your sensitivity and attitude to life. When combined with gender, new challenges form an array of different life paths and outcomes. Overall the aim is the same for all and that is to balance both male and female energies within us but this is harder for some than others. A sensitive man (especially one born into a family that is full of machismo) is likely to have greater struggles than if he were female where sensitivity is more “acceptable” for example. Similarly, a female who is not in touch with her innate nurturing energy may have a different set of challenges than one who is completely disconnected from the masculine energy within her.

Your name is no accident and carries a vibration that will probably influence you too. Other influences that mould you include your sexuality, race and the country and culture you were raised in. I’m sure there are more factors but those listed above are more than enough to demonstrate that if we consider all the permutations of all the various influences above, one begins to realise that the likelihood of two people being identical with the same challenges, personality and approaches to life are slim indeed.

So, if no two people are alike then comparing ourselves and our lives to others is pointless. It is better to let go of trying to be “normal” and accept what is normal for you. That doesn’t mean not changing or not working through your problems, but it does mean accepting yourself no matter what and accepting that your challenges are a meaningful part of your journey and not a ghastly accident that prevented you from a fighter pilot or film star. The one thing we can be sure of is that there is nobody exactly like you and that your uniqueness should be embraced, celebrated and fully explored.

However, humans have an innate desire to belong and an urge to conform and fit in. In fact society encourages us to be the same and doesn’t seem to like individuality. People seem to be wary of those that differ from the group they belong to – genes at play again I expect – all that tribal stuff still resonating in us. It appears that there is a conflict between the human and spiritual parts of us.

Yes we share certain innate qualities, responses and urges with the rest of humanity but I would argue that each of us contributing and creating from a unique perspective is what makes the world a rich, vibrant and glorious place. A desire to not stand out and to become one of the crowd dims our light and diminishes our greatest advantage in life i.e. our uniqueness. We can be certain that embracing our uniqueness is central to the plan for this life on the physical plane. We definitely didn’t come here to hide or be like someone else. To do this is to deny ourselves and the world of what we can offer.

The common response to all of this is “I don’t have any great gifts or talents” or “what difference can I make anyway?” This is because we are conditioned to think in black and white where we are either fabulously talented or not talented at all. We often believe that we have to be famous or in positions of great power to make any difference.
We all know just being around others who are confident, open and able to be themselves can be inspiring and uplifting, their mood infectious, their peacefulness soothing. When we are at peace with ourselves we pass this effect on to others in our lives. Just as a butterfly’s wing beating on one side of the world can ultimately create great forces of movement on the other side, so too can our individual acts borne from a place of grace, peace, compassion and joy have a similar effect.

I find it interesting to note that our main source of bad news comes from TV and is mostly happening on a global, national or regional level especially where politics, religion and large organisations or corporations are influencing events. Yet when one goes looking for good news, we often find that it is happening at a local or individual level. For most of us, these local acts of kindness and compassion are the events that shape lives much more immediately and profoundly; a kind teacher may shape our whole outlook on life until the end of our days or an entirely unexpected act of random kindness from someone we don’t even know may inspire us or bolster our faith in humanity.

Being bold enough to express your real-self and letting your light shine is what makes a tangible and real difference to the world we live in. Being you is your talent and gift to the world where you think, express and create from your unique perspective like no one else can. Creating waves and ripples with your contrasting opinions in society’s pool of homogeneity may not always be gratefully received but we need the contrasting input. It helps all of us to work out what is right or wrong for us as individuals and helps us to see our own paths more clearly.

Yes, being courageous enough to be ourselves risks disapproval but disapproval only diminishes us if we see life as a popularity contest which it is not. With an open heart we can channel our innate desire to be part of humanity but not to be absorbed and lost in it but rather to add distinctiveness to the world by contributing our uniqueness, by uplifting others and shining our light out i.e. inspiration through heart-felt self-expression. If we open our hearts and let our light shine out into the world, we can, like the butterfly’s wings, create changes that resonate around the world and on through the generations to come and that is our gift to everyone including ourselves.


© Phil Grant unless otherwise attributed