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It’s Down to Us

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Actively following a religion is in decline in the western world. Most of us have a nominal faith. Many of us will have been christened, baptised or blessed as children. Many of us will have been married in a church or are planning to at some point. It’s still ingrained in our psyche but not as a philosophy for our personal lives. Much of why we continue to observe various religious protocols is, to some degree, about superstition and social conformance.

Even though faith based life styles may be in decline, it is my belief that most people have some form of spiritual awareness. True hard and fast atheists are not very common. Most seem to have a feeling that we go on after physical death or at least hope we do.

While I have no scientific way of proving it to you, I know that survival after physical death is as certain as my next breath but me telling you that we are eternal isn’t going to change your mind because coming to understand this truth has to be a personal journey.

Only by going on this journey ourselves can we find sufficient weight of certainty to allow us to believe it. The past has been about religion asking us to have blind faith in order to control society but, in this age, it is down to the individual to use their intuition and discover the truth for themselves.
What is sad is that while many hope that we are eternal, so few seem to bother looking for the truth and live their lives accordingly. It’s as if life after death is seen as a blessed release from a crappy life in the same way that 2 weeks holiday in August allows us to keep going to work in that hellhole of an office.

Many of those that hold the hope that we are Spirit in a human body or actually feel that it’s true are not living their lives as if it is true. I would argue that having this awareness but not acting upon it while we are still in our physical body is a half in, half out approach; a hedging our bets way of living; a shiny baubles and no effort approach with a bonus free holiday at the end. The knowledge that we live on must change the way we live if being here is to have any meaning at all.

If we knew we would be coming back in another life to resolve the unfinished business we are avoiding in this life time, wouldn’t we take our heads out of the sand and get on with it right now?

If we knew we can never do it all, have it all, heal it all or achieve it all in one life time, wouldn’t we just relax and enjoy the journey we're on instead of worrying about why we haven't got there yet?

If we knew that all that actually matters is to be happy and to make the world a better place for all and not just for ourselves, wouldn’t we live a more loving life?

If we knew that everyone is on a different journey and are here to experience different things, wouldn’t we let go of envy, stop comparing ourselves to others, berate ourselves less and stop the one-upmanship mentality?

If we knew that we are all connected and what affects one affects all, wouldn’t we stop being self-centred and act for the good of all?

If we knew just how powerful negative thoughts are wouldn’t we try and focus on what creates well-being instead?

If we knew that we carry our Spirit inside and that it is the true source of love and who we really are, wouldn't we stop once in a while and listen to what it had to say to us?

Much of modern life serves to distract us from our internal state. Sitting quietly and genuinely being peaceful without any distraction is an art form quickly being lost. We fiddle with phones, check our email, watch TV or have it on as background noise or listen to our iPods.
The more we do this, the less able we are to tune into our internal state and to who we really are because we pay little regard to the subtle messages and guidance we are constantly being given from within. The message has to be exceptionally loud and powerful to get through which means that it takes a crisis of a life change, health issue or panic attack before we listen. When the crisis comes it is amazing how many people were actually aware that something wasn’t right for a long time but they distracted themselves in the hope it would all go away.

The longer we live in a way that goes against our inner guidance, the greater the discord inside of us becomes and the bigger the crisis will be if we choose to not listen to that guidance.

Modern life has conditioned us to be ever busier, to accept an ever increasing bombardment by noise, to allow gadgets to distract us and keep us continually contactable at a moment’s notice, to measure our happiness and status by what we’ve bought and want to buy in the future.
By the standards of what we call modern life we are heading for utopia. Despite what you may think about your job, few us work until we die, are killed by our jobs or struggle from dawn to dusk because there is no choice then walk 10 miles home to starvation rations on the table. As a society we've never been wealthier, never had better health care, never had more welfare safety nets and yet levels of stress, illness and disease are going through the roof and happiness and fulfillment seem to be in short supply.

Do any of you remember the TV programme Tomorrow's World in the 70's and 80's? By now, we were going to be living lives filled with spare time! It was going to be the leisure age. Yet the more technology and society has given us that time to think about our lives, the more we have filled it with things to keep us stressed and the emptier and less satisfying life has become.

Now, you don’t have to believe any of this. As I said, it is only by embarking on our own journey for our individual truth will we find the way of living that is congruent to who we really are. Only then can each of us begin to see through the great illusion we call life.


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