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Is the World Falling Apart or Right on Track?

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If we were in the 1970’s and were shown the news footage that’s been on our TV screens on a daily basis in the 21st century including the financial meltdown, uprisings and revolts around the world and the tumultuous weather that seems to break records year after year we could be forgiven for thinking that the world is coming to an end or at least unravelling somewhat. The world has always been somewhat of a chaotic place but there does seem to be more of everything doesn’t there?

Global warming is being used to explain more intense weather and that debate is still raging about what we need to do and what can we get away with in order to avoid catastrophe. There is no doubt that man does not live in balance with the planet and its resources and things need to change. However, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s just possible that all is well and bang on track with the world and here is why I say that.

The decades leading up to 2012 saw a gradual ramping up of the intensity of spiritual energy being pumped into the Earth as it prepared to move to a higher level of consciousness. December 2012 was the peak of this and we are now in a new era for consciousness on this planet. The Mayan calendar probably ended in December 2012 to reflect the end of that current level of consciousness and not the end of life on Earth as some had suggested. Spiritual channellings indicate that the vibration of the planet has been raised and Earth is doing something never done before.

What can we expect when a planet’s vibration is raised?

Everything vibrates. We all vibrate as energy beings, and by and large, the higher our vibration is the more loving, spiritual and at peace we become. Negative emotions are lower vibrations than positive and loving ones. In simplistic terms, the more negativity we hold in our energy the lower our vibration. Whatever our vibration, we find a point of balance energetically. When something changes and we heal something or let something negative go, our energy changes, our vibration lifts and our energy finds a new balance point.

When a person is initiated into a healing system such as Reiki, the teacher artificially raises the student’s vibration. This is done by the placing of symbols in the student’s energy system. Our energy system and the physical body held within it has to adjust to this new vibration and clear out anything that stops the student from being in balance with the higher vibration energy. An analogy would be a hot air balloon that has to reach a certain altitude and so jettisons whatever ballast it has to in order to reach the required height.

This cleansing period for a Reiki student can be gentle or quite dramatic producing strong and turbulent emotional reactions that need to be released. The physical body may have to clear out old patterns held in it too, and this is typically experienced as aches, pain, fatigue, warmth and flu-like symptoms. At some point (days, weeks or months later) and after sufficient cleansing of negativity, the energy system is able to stay at this new vibration peacefully and so a new balance point is found. Old patterns have been released and so behaviours and attitudes change and now match the higher vibration environment.

As I mentioned earlier a massive programme of spiritual energy affecting the Earth has been occurring for the last few decades. So what would be the effect on the planet itself, Mother Nature and all the inhabitants if we were put into a higher vibrational environment?  I’m guessing, as energy laws are universal, that something similar to the Reiki student would occur. The world would have to try and find a new state of balance with the higher vibration energy. Whatever wasn’t able to survive this higher vibration would have to be jettisoned or change. Old beliefs and thought forms held in the land from centuries of mankind’s occupation that were incompatible with the new energy would have to be cleansed. Fire or water is a good way to do this. Earthquakes also break up the energy patterns, I would imagine.

If more energy is put into the weather system then I would guess that this means the weather becoming more turbulent. In other words, more intense storms and weather phenomena in general. Who knows it may even mean that the temperature of the Earth warms up as it vibrates faster, but that’s a guess.

I am going to assume that animals in general won’t have too much trouble adjusting to the new energy as they live in the moment much more than humans do so I will focus on mankind and, oh, what a sorry tale of woe that will be, I expect.

Humans, by and large, abhor change and resist it wherever possible. Old ways from the time of lower consciousness will have to go in the coming decades. We are all having a clear out in order to adjust to the higher vibration and that is going to cause upheaval, crisis or turmoil in some of our lives. To match this higher vibration we need to become more conscious of who we are and live the truth of this more i.e. become more authentic and less shallow, more peace and less conflict over power and money etc.

Necessary changes in our lives may mean the end of relationships that don’t serve us and possibly career changes or periods of unemployment, for reflection about where we can make structural changes to our lives and attitudes. We may be given opportunities to re-evaluate what is really important in life and so rise in vibration naturally and, if we co-operate instead of resisting, this can occur with little struggle.

Struggle and suffering isn’t mandatory but becomes so if we resist our true identity. Because of our natural desire for things to stay as they are we will probably resist, but as we have to change in order to stay on the planet all we are doing is dragging out the inevitable in the same way a parent drags us to the dentist. We can either make it easy for ourselves or hard for ourselves, either way it will happen. Put up a big enough fight and it would seem like society is falling apart at every level from the personal level up to the national and world level. Wherever there is resistance there will be pinch points of struggle and suffering.

The old lower vibrations often focus around power, money and control. The money system is broken and instead of serving man it is serving the very few that control it. It is old energy and has to change. The problem is that those who control power and money won’t give it up without one hell of a fight. Even if the people rise up and protest, the immediate knee-jerk response will be to put down any insurrection and make sure things go back to how they were. They may seek to take advantage of national upheaval in other countries to assert their own power and control over resources and wealth. All old-energy is from a time that has passed and must now go. If this is true, then one would expect to see that every time an attempt is made to put things back to how they have always been, a new problem will emerge because it doesn’t fit the new global consciousness.

Now, think about financial collapses, uprisings around the world, the weather, floods and all that is happening in the world right now. Things are changing or trying to change everywhere. The planet and its occupants are trying to shift away from where they were to how they need to be to match a new vibration, and society at every level seems to be affected.

Some of this chaos will be caused by those from the old energy trying to re-assert themselves and some of the chaos will caused by those trying to rise up to the new energy and change. It will be hard to know which is which for a while (The Arab Spring for example) but old energy cannot survive and has to shift at some point.

The bottom line is that the world right down to the individual has to find a point of balance and vibrate in harmony with the new energy. If we do not then we can expect struggle, suffering, turmoil, illness and in the end an exit from life on this planet. There can be no bargaining on our terms now the shift has occurred.

Just as the Reiki student’s higher vibration can be expected to kick-start a spiritual awakening so the new energy that Earth has received and responded to is meant to wake us up and embrace our true nature in time. Like a grumpy teenager being woken up at 6am don’t expect it to go too peacefully or be well received. Most of the world doesn’t want to wake up.

I would expect the world to be a bumpy ride for decades yet but given we are eternal and given that Earth can sustain physical life for a good billion years more at least, its nothing.

We can either adjust or get out; we can make it easier for ourselves or harder. Becoming conscious of ourselves as spiritual beings and moving in that direction is the only choice we have. We can either embrace it or be dragged by the ear. Enjoy!


© Phil Grant unless otherwise attributed