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I Am

(printer friendly verison here)
“I Am”. It’s human nature to read these words and feel that the sentence isn’t complete. I am…..what?

If you were to come up with as many endings to finish the sentence, what would come to you? I am a man (or woman)? I am clever or funny? I am a manager; a parent; a child; a spouse? The list goes on and on. These are things we use to identify ourselves. None of them completely describe us and all point to subsections of our life. Just reading the list feels exhausting; so many roles; so many functions; so many jobs to do; so many things to succeed or fail at; so much striving and doing; so much to justify our existence by.

But if we view the sentence as complete as it is i.e. “I Am”, something magical happens. We see a way to describe how to just be (not just be something, just be). “I Am” gives us the complete right to exist without justification to anybody or anything. There are no benchmarks to measure us by, nothing to succeed or fail at, no duty to fulfil or service to provide.

“I Am” is judgement free and requires no entry qualifications, no special knowledge or training, nothing – just “I Am”. Can you feel the pressure and stress of life just ooze away from you when you allow yourself to feel into those words? In these words we find that we are completely and utterly enough just as we are. When we stop the striving to be and, instead, just be, we become more grounded and in the present moment.

In “I Am” we find that we don’t have to be anything or hold any responsible position to win this special office. It is there for peasant and king alike. We stand beside one another as equals, not as humans but as God’s emissaries. The very nature of the fabric that makes us what we are (love, energy and consciousness) is all we need and wish we could ever be. When we stop the striving to be and, instead, just be, we become more grounded and more present.

“I Am” allows the possibility to grow within us that we are already completely worthy. It allows us to let go of comparing ourselves with others with our arbitrary measurements of relative progress because we are enough. “I Am” helps us to love others because it doesn’t diminish the love that is there for us if we do. It can be a great way to start a meditation or even be the focus of it.

When we take life and ourselves waaay too seriously (as we do most of the time) and worries and doubts wheedle their insidious tendrils into our minds and when we’ve slipped into seeing life as a competition, we need to remind ourselves of “I Am”.

The message that “I Am” holds brings us back to the only truth there is. It resets the mind and reminds us that all of the rubbish we hold onto in order to validate ourselves is nothing but junk. It shows us that no matter how much we strive or struggle it doesn’t change the truth of who we really are one iota. All we had when we arrived was “I Am” and is the only thing we can take with us when we go back home. The lucky ones get to bring their “I Am-ness” into their conscious awareness in the space between physical birth and death.


© Phil Grant unless otherwise attributed