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Boarding the Freedom Train

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In my favourite book “Sudden Awakening into Direct Realization”, Eli Jaxon-Bear, tells a story about life as a slave and the dangers to be faced if one is to board the train to freedom. This story is a metaphor for humanity and our enslavement to false identity. He talks about “the few who are willing to take the risk to be free no matter what it takes”.

In other words if one is serious about embracing the secret of who we are and thus becoming truly free, then a burning desire to do so is required. Otherwise it becomes a half-hearted exercise designed to fool ourselves and others into thinking that we are doing something of meaning but is, in fact, another trap created by ego.

When the truth burns so brightly inside us that we are prepared to face our greatest demons to see it then that commitment will bear fruit. Sometimes, we think we want to embrace who we really are, but put conditions on it such as needing our relationships to be left intact or not risking perceived financial security. We need to be prepared to let go of whatever is required because if we don’t we end up trying to escape a dream while remaining asleep.

Letting go of attachments is a very scary thing to do and why true enlightenment is rare, most of us get so far and no further. Like being sent to war, we just don’t know how much courage we will be able to find when a decisive moment is thrust upon us and we are put to the test. Because life for most is relatively comfortable, there is resistance to even putting ourselves in what seems like a precarious situation, but that is the lure of the trance we are caught in.

No matter how far we get along our spiritual path in this lifetime, it is still a worthy pursuit even if we don’t go the whole way. There will never be a time when we don’t exist and so our growth and evolution is inevitable even if it seems pedestrian or incomplete when viewed through the confining lens of a single life time.

Our suffering combined with awareness serves as rocket fuel for the spiritual journey. The search for something that makes life feel less empty or fearful leads many to their spiritual side in time and this drive is greatly increased by suffering. However, it still requires a willingness to do what it takes instead of wishing for a magic quick fix to make life better. Spirituality can be used as an escape road where little that is uncomfortable is tackled and life is viewed as nothing but fluffy pink clouds. Clearly, this is the complete opposite of awareness. Anyone who has gone any distance down a spiritual road will tell you that life can be bloody tough and it would have been easier to have lived a more conventional life. Once awakened and aware, there is no turning back. I certainly feel that a part of me would die if I tried.

There are not many issues, both physical and emotional, that my clients have come to me for help with that I haven’t had direct experience of myself. This suffering has provided me with insights and ample opportunity to learn about myself and, while making life feel hard, it has propelled me forward in a search for meaning to it all. I needed to find a reason, to understand why things happen. Searching for my own answers led to me becoming a therapist/healer and I’m sure that’s how many start. Life seems chaotic and scary but looking at our darkest places within creates a new internal reality and our perception of the world changes. It allows us to embrace what seems like the chaos of life (rather like driving in Italy). I found that letting go of my struggle to control life and maintain some kind of order around me made life feel less stressful and I was able to discern a pattern of order and balance that flows at all times that had not been able to see behind my veil of fear.

I’ve been knocked back onto my backside more times than I care to remember, mainly because my own resistance got in the way but one thing I have always done is get back up again somehow.

I have had times of feeling sorry for myself and have said that this road is too hard, that I can’t go on and I want to be a milkman. But at some point something has always kicked in and I’ve got back in the game again. This road is the only satisfying one to be on for me. Nothing brings me peace or ignites my passion like this one. I’ve needed friends or my wife to help me get back up but the desire to do so had to be there or I couldn’t have continued.

I say this not to break out the violins but to demonstrate that no matter where you start from, no matter how troubled you may feel and no matter what trauma you have endured, all that is required is the desire to find the truth of who you are. The train to freedom is waiting for you, always.

Being scared is OK as is also not knowing what to do or what will happen in the future (it’s probably mandatory in a way). The human in each of us will rear up from time to time. Making mistakes and coming up against resistance is also inevitable. This is a learning and growing experience not an exercise to impress the world with your ability to be spiritual.

However, no matter how much support one has, spiritual awakening is a solitary and bumpy experience. It must be so for it to have any meaning for the individual. Each of us has spent countless lifetimes combining different experiences to become the unique beings that we are. We are all at different stages and levels and so the journey back to our true selves will be unique for each of us.

So, to get on the train to freedom, we don’t need special knowledge or qualifications or be free of our defects. We have all got a ticket to ride just by being. To give ourselves permission to climb aboard we just need a commitment to discover the truth of who we are, a willingness, despite the fear, to look in our shadows and darkest places.

Life can be such a distraction that we can be unaware that a train is even there waiting for us. Look at television and other media with a fresh eye and see how trapped in superficiality it all is and therefore we are, unless we see it for what it is – designed to distract us from ourselves.

Fear is the enemy of awakening and we are being fed all manner of reasons to stay in fear and hide. Next time you see the News starting on the TV, imagine that the agenda of the programme is “The world is bad and unsafe, be afraid but don’t worry, money and power is the route to salvation” and view the content from this position and notice how much is spoken from this viewpoint.

Find the courage to prove yourself wrong in all that you believed about yourself and the world. That’s a lot to ask of anyone and takes time to get used to. Those that do this will probably face being labelled as crackpots, conspiracy theorists, weird and delusional. Commitment will be tested in the fire of criticism from the frightened and threatened stream of “normality”. Remember what is regarded as “normal” is only a mathematical calculation. The hive mentality prevails – “normality” means “majority view” and is no guarantee of truth. It feels like a lonely place at times to buck the trend but more and more people are looking at the train ticket in their hands and thinking about getting on the train now.

The days of religions, of kings and king-makers telling us what we must believe in order to ensure our survival is ending. We have never before lived in a time where we have more information available to help make up our own minds and form our own opinions but we do have to access it for ourselves.

We can only believe what we are ready to, but if we suspend our pre-conceptions we can stretch our comfort zones and open ourselves up a little more each time. Unlike when we were children, as awakened adults, nobody can make us believe what doesn’t resonate with us, so there is no risk involved in this effort of enquiry other than the possibility of discovering something that was hidden from us right before our eyes.

However, if we are to influence the consciousness of this world then I feel we must transform this information into direct experience and incorporate it into our lives, for only then does it become something we truly feel we KNOW. It is this knowingness that lifts the vibration of the world and the overall consciousness we are all connected to.


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