“Children are happy because they don't have a file in their minds called "All the Things That Could Go Wrong.” ― Marianne Williamson


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Daisy the Cat and Being Scared Out of Our Power

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Something weird happened the other day. One of my cats was doing what cats do and was investigating something in the bushes in my garden when she burst out of the undergrowth as if her backside was on fire and tore into the house. Following very closely behind was a male blackbird sounding its alarm call. It was chasing her away. Not so weird I suppose but it happened again a little while later and again the next day until it reached the point where my cat Daisy refused to leave the house if she could hear the blackbird’s call. She was being intimidated by a small bird.
After a few days this blackbird felt so powerful it was able to scare Daisy and keep her in the house simply by bouncing around the lawn near the back of the house and calling out. The natural order of things was WAAAY out of balance. Now I don’t like the fact that cats kill birds especially as often they lose interest in their kill once it’s stopped playing and died. It is an appalling waste of life but a cat being terrified of something it shouldn’t be was equally sad to watch. I now had an imprisoned cat.
She’s a complex and contrary little tabby at the best of times but her being controlled by something that should be afraid of her was a step too far. So I sat next to Daisy and did some work on her using The Emotion Code (look it up, it’s great). What became apparent was that she wasn’t very confident about herself and this contributed greatly to the blackbird scandal. The next day she began to explore the garden again and she began to assert her authority over her territory once more. Yes there was a risk of her catching and killing the blackbird but she didn’t.

I love watching animals as they can be such great teachers, free of complex human hang-ups. Seeing Daisy got me thinking about how many of us allow ourselves to be dominated and controlled in areas of our lives by things that have no business causing fear or influencing us so much. Seeing Daisy hide when she heard a little bird call out was not unlike how we humans hide from our own power and allow things we could easily overcome to be our masters.
Parents often do this to us even though we are grown adults with free-will and capable of saying whatever we want to. Some of us are prisoners to peer pressure while for others society’s expectations or materialism trap them. One of the biggest tormentors that keep us imprisoned is money and while we may not be able to live without it we can reduce its power over us.
Most of us are prisoners to our own beliefs and the “shoulds” and “musts” they place in our heads. Our own egos often create prisons by making us act in ways that lead us to try and become indispensible (often in the workplace but in other areas too). Thoughts come up such as “if “I don’t do…… then who will do it?” By doing this we risk stopping others from finding out how capable they can be too.

Standing up for ourselves can be scary. But stand up we must if we are to grow into our own power. Standing back and letting others have a go at filling the space we leave can also be scary or feel wrong. Letting go of the need to control or do everything for others helps them to find their own power even if we find it uncomfortable to watch their initial discomfort at being exposed.
It is a judgemental call. Doing everything or doing nothing are both indications of lack of balance. These extremes are the result of judgements made by fear not our true-self that is motivated by love and compassion. When we find balance we stand up for ourselves when we need to but allow others to be as they are where at all possible. Balance allows us to let go and allows others to discover how capable they are too while still allowing us to step in when someone truly needs our help and compassion.


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