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Asking for Help from a Higher Power

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We all have access to various sources of help and guidance in our lives. We have our higher-self (our own internal guidance system) and we are able to ask for help externally from the higher dimensions. What we call the source of this help enters into a minefield of belief systems, labels and hang ups. Whether you ask for help from the angels, the Universe, Source, the God consciousness, Jesus or the big guy, for simplicity I shall use the term God. I know that this word causes discomfort in some because of religious conditioning in childhood; I had it too but eventually overcame it.

Your request is always heard .
Who or whatever you aim your request at, it is always responded to; as the phrase goes “ask and it shall be given”. Please notice that we do have to ask. We have free-will to run our lives how we wish to a large degree (although there is always a price to pay for ignoring our internal guidance system but that’s for another article). If we don’t want to be helped then we are left alone to work things out on our own. So rule number one is that we have to ask for help.

The help is for every day not just for crises.
It doesn’t seem to occur to ask for help for normal life situations and instead, many tend to only call upon the big guns for spiritual help when they are in dire straits. Below are some reasons why this may be.

 “God doesn’t want to be bothered with the trivial stuff – he’s too important to get involved in my life”.
It’s true that, in business, we don’t go to the CEO of a company if we’ve run out of paperclips and, instead, we deal with it at a lower level. But we all carry the God consciousness within us and so we are all part of the One. We are all connected to the higher dimensions and our lives are about this connection, so ask for help with resolving a dispute, ask for help with paying the energy bill, ask for help with selling your house or changing jobs etc.

 “I’m not important enough”.
It could very well be that this is your sense of unworthiness or shame that’s in the way here. Nobody is more or less important that you. As I said above, we each carry the same Light in us so, whether you are a beggar or prince, there is equal status in the eyes of the beyond.

“God must be too busy with all the problems of the world to get involved with me”.
This is to misunderstand how things work. As physical beings we must exist with the dimension of time. Our brains are wired that way. Imagining being in a dimension without time is too difficult to comprehend. Nevertheless it is perfectly possible for a consciousness operating in other dimensions to be present in different places with different people in the past, present and future (as we know it) simultaneously. The God consciousness is quite capable of helping everyone whenever and wherever it is requested

 “It didn’t occur to me that I could ask for help with this”.
As I said earlier we all carry the God consciousness within us and our purpose for being here is to open up more and more to this side of us until our lives become the embodiment of this Light. We are not here to suffer per se even though most of us choose to go down this road and learn by overcoming adversity. Ask for help whenever you want to – it’s there for you.

 “I feel too ashamed to ask for help”.
Shame is self-condemnation. We may have been conditioned by the heaven and hell model of God and his (or her) mythical wrath that comes with that and so we fear being condemned by God. However, there is no judgement from the higher dimensions only our fear of it happening. Whatever the problem – ask for help.

Receiving the help: “Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous”- Einstein
It does need to be said that when we ask for help, we need to be open to how our call is answered and to accepting what help comes our way. Expect it to come in the form of happenstance, coincidence and weird things occurring out of the blue. All kinds of things can happen. A “chance” meeting with someone may lead to a new direction for us, a job offer seemingly comes from nowhere or an expert on the problem we are experiencing may come into our lives somehow for example. It may be a dream or things just seem to get a bit easier. Fantastic and “magical” things can happen but we do need to be willing to accept the help that is offered in the way it is offered and trust it. Sometimes it comes in a seemingly miraculous step change while at other times we are nudged little step by little step towards a solution.

What we want is not the same as what we need.
When people ask God to help them, what they often mean is ‘please take this problem away so I can go back to how things were and be “normal”’. God is interested in the bigger picture of us and our lives. “How things were” may even have be the cause of the problem itself; in which case things have to change. When we ask for help, we get what is needed and that can be very different from what we wanted. We may need to look at something we have been hiding from in order to let go the problem. The loving thing to do would be to help us to realise this wouldn’t it? Perhaps another reason why we wait until we hit a crisis before asking for help is because we have a sneaky feeling that we may not like the solution and so we wait until the problem is so painful that any solution is an improvement.

“I asked for help but it didn’t come”
My feeling is that when this seems to have happened, the person asking for help wasn’t truly open to being helped. Often they have been bargaining with God on their own terms. In other words they were waiting for the solution they wanted not the one they needed. The resistance that creates problems and can also stop us from seeing solutions especially solutions that may be challenging or painful. In which case, that person doesn’t really want to be helped as such and will probably keep the problem and claim they have been abandoned.

Because you’re worth it
One of the reasons I encourage everybody to cultivate self-appreciation is that it helps us to overcome our unworthiness and increase our ability to let Light in. The more we let in, the more can come in and so creates an upward spiral of improvement. Self-appreciation helps us to, not only ask for help, but also to feel able to receive it too.


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