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A Personal Experience - Being Shown Reality

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You can’t beat personal experience for moving forward. One can read and read and go to workshops for greater understanding but personal experience transforms us. In these moments we are shown a bit more of the truth and we are left with a sense of knowing that cannot be taken away.

When people have these kinds of experiences they often complain that they all too quickly lose the feeling they had in the moment. However, this is usually for the best because clinging on to these things can get in the way of moving forward or create a “guiding star” that we chase and attempt to recreate. It is the sense of knowing that should persist rather than the experience itself.

In this article I share with you something that happened to me recently. It didn’t show me anything that I hadn’t read already but by experiencing it, it turned knowledge into knowing. As is often the case in spiritual experiences, the vocabulary doesn’t exist to describe and coherently convey what happened and do it any justice but I will do my best.

During the September 2014 solstice, the Emerald Heart Light transmitted an energy that anyone could experience. In the weeks leading up to that time I had been having a strange feeling that this dimension was very thin and that other dimensions were very close but just out of my reach.

As I sat down and connected to the Emerald Heart Light I immediately went into a sort of waking dream where I knew I was being shown the nature of reality and how it was all an illusion. I had that feeling again where the dimension that we call the physical world felt wafer thin with no depth and was just a moment away from all kinds of other dimensions.

Then suddenly, in my mind, I was walking down my garden and I knew the world was being constructed just out of sight and, with every step forward, more was added to the world so that there was always something for me to “walk into” as it were.

I knew that all I could see around me was a projection from my heart where I literally created what was around me. The best analogy I can come up with is that of being in a cinema and seeing the flickering beams of light coming from the projection booth that paint a picture on the screen. In this waking dream I could see that light was shining out into the world from my heart but passing through my fears and beliefs on the way where they acted like shadow-hands making their impressions and being created in the physical world so I could see what fears and beliefs were held within me.

This experience not only showed me the truth of the spiritual teachings but also married them to quantum physics because the physical world and all it contained wasn’t static. Instead, it was being disassembled and reassembled constantly from one moment to the next and done so according to my beliefs. The apple tree before me had been dismantled and re-created millions and millions of times. Each time it was recreated as an apple tree and not an oak tree for example, because the consciousness of that form said that it was an apple tree. There was an energy template that said an apple tree should go here – what Rupert Sheldrake would describe as a morphic field.

Because of this constant dismantling and recreating of the world I knew that if I could suddenly shift my consciousness by letting go of fears then my experience of the world would instantly shift too. In this way miracles were indeed possible as they are a shift in consciousness. When we let something go then the transformation that occurs in us is reflected in our lives immediately when reality is recreated on the next pass.

What I knew from this experience without question is that the single most important thing in my life is what is happening within me. My vibration is affected by my fears and beliefs and therefore so is what is created around me. It also impressed upon me that I should very be careful about what I allow into my emotional experience. If something poisons or pollutes me emotionally then it has to go because what I take in and hold on to becomes part of what is projected back out from me and manifests in my life experience.

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