"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are" - Joseph Campbell


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Recognising When You're Stuck
It’s important to recognise when we are stuck because the energy of the new millennium and especially post 2012 is relentlessly pushing us to evolve faster and faster. So much so, that standing still is really going backwards. ........ read more

Fear's Insidious Control
If you think that your life isn't ruled by fear then think again......... read more

Creativity - a way into and out of yourself
The desire to create is in all of us and self-expression is fundamental to who we are........ read more

A Personal Experience - Being Shown Reality
Personal experience moves us forward so much more than being told or reading something. It becomes a sense of knowing that can never be taken way. Here’s one I had......... read more

VIDEO - Russell Brand is Awake
These are clips from many of the recent interviews with Russell Brand showing how he has awakened to a lot of the truths of the world. His passion is clear for all to see. .. .......watch video.

VIDEO - Jim Carrey's Secret of Life - Inspiring message
As the title suggests, an inspiring message and adds to my article about fear and how it can direct our lives if we don’t recognise our true self. . .......watch video.



The Secret of You

Welcome. Each of us has the abilty to find balance and peace in even the most trying of circumstances. This part of us can see a much bigger picture than the limited view we have from this brief experience of one human life time. It is connected to everyone and everything. It sees the meaning in all that happens to us and forgives us for anything and everything because it loves us unconditionally. It is the truth of both who we are and the life we are leading. It is profound love and joy and is happy to just be without any need to prove itself to anyone. It doesn't sweat the small stuff and knows that it's all small stuff anyway. This part of us is there for us always, not something we need to earn access to or deserve to feel but our birthright. We are spiritual beings in a physical body and there will never be a time when we don't exist.

This site is not about telling you what to believe that is your job to find out. My intention is to encourage those who are curious to learn how to think in ways that allow them to awaken more fully and embrace their true reasons for being here on this planet i.e. their spiritual evolution and to awaken to the truth of who they really are. How you pursue, explore and embrace your truth is down to you.

This web site is, fundamentally, a record or my experiences and observations made on my continuing journey to this truth within. It reflects my ever-changing viewpoint of truth as I have grown and evolved. I may not even completely agree with some of my earlier articles as we can only ever see things from our current perspective; as we grow that perspective changes. However, I leave all my work here as it may resonate with someone as it did with me.

As a therapist/healer, I have observed that many of us experience simliar blocks and obstacles when on the spiritual path. Having knowledge and awareness is an important step but is, nevertheless, only one step. This site is my contribution to helping as many people as possible to awaken, embrace their secret and live the truth of who they really are. At present it is a collection of articles and videos aimed at promoting awareness of a different way of living and being, away from dominant modern life styles that deny the true-self. Over time I hope to turn this site into a resource of techniques, philosophies and exercises designed to help overcome typical blocks to spiritual growth.

For more information about me and the nature of this site, please view the "About me & this site " page.

I offer this site as my contribution to helping those, including me, who are awakening to embrace their secret and live the truth of who they really are.

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